The Facts Tell The Story

The Proposed Land Use Plan is the RIGHT Plan! 

  • 43 Years of smart land use plans have resulted in Charles County becoming the 3rd wealthiest Enjoying each other's companycounty in Maryland
  • The Proposed Land Use Plan (PLUP) continues the policy directing 75% of future growth throughout the development district and not just Waldorf.
  • The PLUP continues the preservation of rural land.  Using existing programs that compensate land owners for development rights, we have preserved 53% of rural land in the county. Continuation of these same plans will result in 75% of rural land ultimately being preserved, protecting our rural heritage.
  • The PLUP offers a comprehensive transportation plan that includes roads, park & ride lots, bus service, and a reasonable plan for a future rail system. It also includes with a much needed Cross-County Connector road, a move supported by 69% of Charles County residents.
  • This Proposed Land Use Plan also requests county commissioners determine a plan for constructing infrastructure needed to attract new companies to Charles County, providing jobs and opportunities.
  •  The plan adopted by the Planning Commissioner’s preserves property values, creates new jobs, and protects the rural heritage of Charles County.

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