Airports and Jobs

Airport and Jobs

Charles County airport1)       The new jet airport in Bryans Road, which cost millions of dollars to build, is being dedicated this week and offers the best opportunity for new private sector jobs in Charles County.  It is the newest closest jet airport to Washington D.C., the seat of the federal government, and is just a few miles south National Harbor where a new $800 million dollar casino soon will be built.  The possibilities for new jobs are endless.   This plan calls for a study of the land around the airport to determine what zoning and infrastructure is needed to create jobs and tax revenue for our county.  The plan rejected by the planning commission will do just the opposite.  It places all of the land around the airport, which is currently in the development district, into a conservation zone preventing any economic development at the airport.  This seems insane that after spending all of the money improving the airport, we decide to abandon the very reason it was built….to bring new jobs to our county.

2)   Some years back, a citizens committee was formed by the county commissioners to submit an area plan for Bryans Road, which was done.  The plan asked the county to allow for smart and controlled growth in our area that would grow our jobs and economy.  The proposed plan does this by supporting the new airport and the cross county connector, both needed in this area.  By bringing jobs to the Bryans Road area, many who commute out of Charles County will instead stay here for work, reducing traffic during rush hour.  The rejected plan does the opposite and dooms us to a long commute to work.  Please adopt the plan.

3)       The proposed plan gives us the best opportunity for new jobs here and they are desperately needed. The proposed plan supports the new airport and my understanding is that the airport can bring jobs to Bryans Road.

4)       Not everyone in Western Charles has an automobile to drive to work.  There are still pockets of poverty in this area and the airport can provide jobs near the people who need them.  Please pass the plan.

5)       Charles County has become a wealthy county, but that doesn’t mean everyone hear has a good job.  The middle class is taking a beating and bringing new jobs to the county is needed.  The new airport will bring these jobs so I support the proposed land use plan.


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