Primary Elections in Charles County, MD

2014 Election Information for Charles County MD

Primary election in Charles CountyThe Election Board in Charles County is now physically located at 201 East Charles Street, La Plata, Maryland.

Primary election to be held June 24th Polls Open:  7am to 8pm

Electing the right officials is not only your right, but it’s also your duty.  Voting is an important part of our system.  We urge the Citizens of Charles County MD to Vote.

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Graduating Classes of 2014


Charles County MD graduation

More than 2,100 Charles County public high school seniors are expected to graduate in ceremonies planned for May 30, and June 2-3. Ceremonies for Henry E. Lackey, La Plata, Maurice J. McDonough, Thomas Stone and Westlake high schools will be held at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro on May 30, and June 2 and June 3. North Point High School will host a graduation ceremony in the school’s gymnasium on June 3.


How to stretch your vacation dollar


vaction southern maryland

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Email Template for Commissioner Letters

We had a great turnout two weeks ago at the public hearing on the draft 2013 Comprehensive Plan.  We did a great job of letting the County Commissioners know where Charles County really stands on the future of our county.  Thank you for coming and speaking.

But we’re not done yet.  If you could take a few minutes out of your day and send an email to the Commissioners, it would make a world of difference.

The email doesn’t have to be long.  Here’s all you need to say:


Commissioners Collins, Davis, Kelly, Robinson, and Rucci:

I live, work, and vote in Charles County and I support the proposed Comprehensive Plan sent to you by the Planning Commission.


That’s all it needs to say.  Feel free to add more if you would like.  And here are the Commissioners email addresses:

Thanks again for your support!

It’s not over!

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.09.03 PMJust because the hearing is over doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to have voice.  Direct your  comments after the public hearing to the Clerk of the County Commissioners Denise Ferguson at fergusod@charlescounty or mail their comments to Denise Ferguson, Clerk to the County Commissioners, PO Box 2150,  200 Baltimore St. La Plata MD 20646.

Airports and Jobs

Airport and Jobs

Charles County airport1)       The new jet airport in Bryans Road, which cost millions of dollars to build, is being dedicated this week and offers the best opportunity for new private sector jobs in Charles County.  It is the newest closest jet airport to Washington D.C., the seat of the federal government, and is just a few miles south National Harbor where a new $800 million dollar casino soon will be built.  The possibilities for new jobs are endless.   This plan calls for a study of the land around the airport to determine what zoning and infrastructure is needed to create jobs and tax revenue for our county.  The plan rejected by the planning commission will do just the opposite.  It places all of the land around the airport, which is currently in the development district, into a conservation zone preventing any economic development at the airport.  This seems insane that after spending all of the money improving the airport, we decide to abandon the very reason it was built….to bring new jobs to our county.

2)   Some years back, a citizens committee was formed by the county commissioners to submit an area plan for Bryans Road, which was done.  The plan asked the county to allow for smart and controlled growth in our area that would grow our jobs and economy.  The proposed plan does this by supporting the new airport and the cross county connector, both needed in this area.  By bringing jobs to the Bryans Road area, many who commute out of Charles County will instead stay here for work, reducing traffic during rush hour.  The rejected plan does the opposite and dooms us to a long commute to work.  Please adopt the plan.

3)       The proposed plan gives us the best opportunity for new jobs here and they are desperately needed. The proposed plan supports the new airport and my understanding is that the airport can bring jobs to Bryans Road.

4)       Not everyone in Western Charles has an automobile to drive to work.  There are still pockets of poverty in this area and the airport can provide jobs near the people who need them.  Please pass the plan.

5)       Charles County has become a wealthy county, but that doesn’t mean everyone hear has a good job.  The middle class is taking a beating and bringing new jobs to the county is needed.  The new airport will bring these jobs so I support the proposed land use plan.


Cross County Connector

Cross County Connector

traffic1)     Billingsley Road is the only east-west road in the development district and it is one of the deadliest roads in Maryland.  It has no shoulders on which a policeman or rescue squad can pull over, and its winding narrow two lanes have cost numerous people their lives.  The proposed land use plan once again calls for the construction of this road.  We can honor our citizens and our environment by building this road in and environmentally sound fashion while saving families from the anguish of losing a loved one.

2)     There is no reason more important to support the proposed land use plan than the building of the cross county connector.  If Montgomery and Prince George’s counties can build a $2 billion inter county connector that protects the environment, it seems that we could do the same with our road.  How many more people need to die on Billingsley Road, one of the deadliest roads in Maryland?  Save lives.  Pass the proposed plan and build the cross county connector.

3)     $35 million has been spent on the cross county connector with almost all of the right of ways acquired by the county.  It is a tragic loss of life and waste of money to halt construction on this road.  It is a shameful and deadly distraction for opponents of this road to claim Billingsley Road can be upgraded as a replacement.  Building Billingsley will cost significantly more than finishing the cross county connector and will destroy more wetlands than the connector.  The supporters of the rejected plan oppose every proposed new road, ignore the need to reduce drive times, yet claim their plan “will improve our quality of life.”  This will only come true with the rejected plan if you consider sitting in traffic an improved life style.   Pass the plan and finish the cross county connector.

Did You Know…. Waldorf???


Hire Me1)     Waldorf has developed into a vibrant diverse community that is the population center of our county.  The CNN/Money magazine ranked Waldorf as one of the 20 best places to live in the USA.  They describe Waldorf as an “attractive, safe and affordable community,” a result of 43 years of smart controlled growth and Land use plans which are the foundation of the proposed land use plan. Over the next 40 years our county is estimated to grow at a manageable rate but the rejected plan would squeeze all of this growth into Waldorf while claiming to “improve the quality of life.” Worse, the supporters of the rejected plan oppose every new road needed to handle current and future development.  Even without a single new home, Waldorf and Charles County need additional roads today.  The proposed plan has a complete transportation plan for today and the future which includes roads, buses, rail systems, park & ride lots, and hiker biker trails.  Please pass the plan.

2)     Many residents have moved to Waldorf to get away from the high density, urban developed environment they were living in.  They brought their families to Waldorf because of Charles County’s affordable homes with a wide choice of housing types including a rural life style.  The rejected plan would change this by cramming all future growth into our community.  The supporters of the rejected plan claim “it will improve our quality life.”  This is not the case.  Please pass the proposed plan.

3)     While it seems smart to support having a rail line to Charles County, it seems short sited to ONLY support a rail line, as is the thinking of the opposition.  The proposed plan has a complete transportation plan which includes a rail system.  But rail is decades away and we need roads NOW.  Support the proposed plan.  Pass the plan and let’s build the roads we need.

4)     If you live in Waldorf but work out of the county,  like many others, you may also want more jobs in Charles County, not less which is what will happen if we adopt the rejected plan.  We need more jobs not less. Please pass the proposed plan.

5)    Waldorf is a vibrant diverse community which many are proud to call home.  It’s because of this we ask you to pass the proposed plan to continue smart growth throughout the development district and not force all of it into Waldorf. 

Did You Know… Charles County??

Charles County

Protect My Job...Protect My Family

Protect My Job…Protect My Family

1)     Charles County is the 3rd wealthiest county in Maryland and the 11th wealthiest in the nation which puts us in the top ½ % of our country.  This has occurred because of smart, managed growth over the last 43 years.  The proposed land use plan approved by our planning commission builds upon these former successful plans.  The plan rejected by the planning commission will destroy property values and jobs that have created this wealth.

2)     People are moving to Charles County because of our rural environment, affordable homes with a wide range of housing choices, safe communities, good shopping and good schools.  All of this was made possible by smart controlled growth for the past 43 years.  The planning commission recognized this when they rejected a radical plan and instead based the proposed plan on prior successful plans.  People did not move here for high rise, high density development all squeezed into Waldorf as required by the rejected plan.  They came to get away from that environment.

3)     In the 1950’s, Charles County was one of the poorest counties in Maryland.  Today, we are the 3rd wealthiest count in Maryland with a local economy exceeding $3 Billion a year with $2.5 Billion in retail sales alone.  This strong economy has greatly increasing our tax base providing our county government with the revenue needed to provide the necessary infrastructure (underlying foundations, services, roads, power supplies…). The rejected plan destroys the foundation upon which our prosperity depends.

4)     Many people both live and work in Charles County and their salaries pay for their family’s home and food.  The rejected plan will kill many jobs.  Please pass the proposed plan.

5)     Many jobs depend on a strong economy but the rejected plan would destroy jobs.  Please pass the proposed plan.

6)     Many of those supporting the Proposed Land Use Plan are not rich or own property.  Please protect the jobs. Families depends on it for our survival. 

7)     If you want to save an endangered species, think of saving the middle class.  Many of your

Protect My Job…Protect My Family

neighbors rely on their job to pay for their family’s needs.  Please save the jobs.  Pass the proposed plan

The Facts Tell The Story

The Proposed Land Use Plan is the RIGHT Plan! 

  • 43 Years of smart land use plans have resulted in Charles County becoming the 3rd wealthiest Enjoying each other's companycounty in Maryland
  • The Proposed Land Use Plan (PLUP) continues the policy directing 75% of future growth throughout the development district and not just Waldorf.
  • The PLUP continues the preservation of rural land.  Using existing programs that compensate land owners for development rights, we have preserved 53% of rural land in the county. Continuation of these same plans will result in 75% of rural land ultimately being preserved, protecting our rural heritage.
  • The PLUP offers a comprehensive transportation plan that includes roads, park & ride lots, bus service, and a reasonable plan for a future rail system. It also includes with a much needed Cross-County Connector road, a move supported by 69% of Charles County residents.
  • This Proposed Land Use Plan also requests county commissioners determine a plan for constructing infrastructure needed to attract new companies to Charles County, providing jobs and opportunities.
  •  The plan adopted by the Planning Commissioner’s preserves property values, creates new jobs, and protects the rural heritage of Charles County.