Did You Know…. Waldorf???


Hire Me1)     Waldorf has developed into a vibrant diverse community that is the population center of our county.  The CNN/Money magazine ranked Waldorf as one of the 20 best places to live in the USA.  They describe Waldorf as an “attractive, safe and affordable community,” a result of 43 years of smart controlled growth and Land use plans which are the foundation of the proposed land use plan. Over the next 40 years our county is estimated to grow at a manageable rate but the rejected plan would squeeze all of this growth into Waldorf while claiming to “improve the quality of life.” Worse, the supporters of the rejected plan oppose every new road needed to handle current and future development.  Even without a single new home, Waldorf and Charles County need additional roads today.  The proposed plan has a complete transportation plan for today and the future which includes roads, buses, rail systems, park & ride lots, and hiker biker trails.  Please pass the plan.

2)     Many residents have moved to Waldorf to get away from the high density, urban developed environment they were living in.  They brought their families to Waldorf because of Charles County’s affordable homes with a wide choice of housing types including a rural life style.  The rejected plan would change this by cramming all future growth into our community.  The supporters of the rejected plan claim “it will improve our quality life.”  This is not the case.  Please pass the proposed plan.

3)     While it seems smart to support having a rail line to Charles County, it seems short sited to ONLY support a rail line, as is the thinking of the opposition.  The proposed plan has a complete transportation plan which includes a rail system.  But rail is decades away and we need roads NOW.  Support the proposed plan.  Pass the plan and let’s build the roads we need.

4)     If you live in Waldorf but work out of the county,  like many others, you may also want more jobs in Charles County, not less which is what will happen if we adopt the rejected plan.  We need more jobs not less. Please pass the proposed plan.

5)    Waldorf is a vibrant diverse community which many are proud to call home.  It’s because of this we ask you to pass the proposed plan to continue smart growth throughout the development district and not force all of it into Waldorf. 

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