Group Urges Citizens to Protect Charles County


A newly-formed grassroots organization is urging Charles County residents to get involved in determining the future of Charles County.  The Charles County Commissioners will be holding hearings on Tuesday, October 29th regarding approval of the Proposed Land Use Plan (PLUP). is funding newspaper, TV, and radio ads encouraging local citizens to show up at the meeting and offer their input in support of the plan. was organized to counter some of the more radically restrictive proposals being promoted by a small minority; those who would like to restrict growth in Charles County to a very limited, high density area. Their vision would move homeowners from affordable single family homes and townhouses into high rise apartments and rental condominiums.

Their “merged scenario plan”, which was rejected by the Planning Commission, would force all new development to be confined to the Waldorf area, worsening traffic congestion to an impossible level without any new roads. According to recent polls, 69% of Charles County voters support the construction of a new Cross-County Connector needed to replace one of the deadliest roads in Maryland. Opponents of the Proposed Land Use Plan – most of who live outside Charles County – would block the road.

As members of point out, the PLUP adopted by the Planning Commissioners preserves property values, creates new jobs, and increases property values. It works together with numerous state and federal laws which provide for the protection of the environment.

Currently, Charles County has preserved 53% of rural land in the county using existing programs that compensate land owners for the development rights on their property. Continuation of these plans under the Proposed Land Use will result in 75% of rural land ultimately being preserved, protecting our rural heritage.

Despite a torrent of misinformation from the opposition, Charles County citizens who favor a strong economy prevailed with Planning Commission and won approval for the Proposed Land Use Plan. The next step in this journey comes October 29th when Charles County Commissioners will hold public hearings. encourages citizens to become educated on this issue, and participate in their government by attending the October 29th hearing. The hearing will be held at the Charles County Governmental Center, 200 Baltimore Street, La Plata MD 20646. Sign-ups for testimony will begin at 5:30pm and the hearing will begin at 7pm.

Citizens who cannot attend the commissioners meeting can still have their voices heard. For several days after the hearing, written comments can be submitted by email to the Clerk of the County Commissioners, Denise Ferguson. Her email address is: [email protected].

Comments may also be mailed to Clerk of the County Commissioners, PO Box 2150, 200 Baltimore Street, La Plata MD 20646.

For more information, email: [email protected].