Did You Know… Charles County??

Charles County

Protect My Job...Protect My Family

Protect My Job…Protect My Family

1)     Charles County is the 3rd wealthiest county in Maryland and the 11th wealthiest in the nation which puts us in the top ½ % of our country.  This has occurred because of smart, managed growth over the last 43 years.  The proposed land use plan approved by our planning commission builds upon these former successful plans.  The plan rejected by the planning commission will destroy property values and jobs that have created this wealth.

2)     People are moving to Charles County because of our rural environment, affordable homes with a wide range of housing choices, safe communities, good shopping and good schools.  All of this was made possible by smart controlled growth for the past 43 years.  The planning commission recognized this when they rejected a radical plan and instead based the proposed plan on prior successful plans.  People did not move here for high rise, high density development all squeezed into Waldorf as required by the rejected plan.  They came to get away from that environment.

3)     In the 1950’s, Charles County was one of the poorest counties in Maryland.  Today, we are the 3rd wealthiest count in Maryland with a local economy exceeding $3 Billion a year with $2.5 Billion in retail sales alone.  This strong economy has greatly increasing our tax base providing our county government with the revenue needed to provide the necessary infrastructure (underlying foundations, services, roads, power supplies…). The rejected plan destroys the foundation upon which our prosperity depends.

4)     Many people both live and work in Charles County and their salaries pay for their family’s home and food.  The rejected plan will kill many jobs.  Please pass the proposed plan.

5)     Many jobs depend on a strong economy but the rejected plan would destroy jobs.  Please pass the proposed plan.

6)     Many of those supporting the Proposed Land Use Plan are not rich or own property.  Please protect the jobs. Families depends on it for our survival. 

7)     If you want to save an endangered species, think of saving the middle class.  Many of your

Protect My Job…Protect My Family

neighbors rely on their job to pay for their family’s needs.  Please save the jobs.  Pass the proposed plan

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